4 Quick Steps For Cleaning And Looking After The Screens In Your Life

Screen Care Guide 

We are all guilty of letting our screens get a bit grubby from time. Cleaning your screen regularly will not only help you to see the display but it will also help you to protect your screen from scratches and damage when done correctly.
Screen Cleaning guide. screen care

Step 1

Shut Down your monitor
This will both lower the risk of damage to your screen as well as allow you to see the build up of dust and grime on your screen a bit easier.

Step 2

Wipe off dirt and grime with a dry lint free microfiber cloth.
Wipe the screen in slow circular motions. Do press or put pressure on the screen as you attempt to remove particularly greasy spots as this may damage your screen
Mistify Screen Cleaning Guide 

Step 3

Spray Mistify Screen Cleaning Solution on to Cloth.
It is important here not to spray Mistify directly onto your computer screen as it may seep into the bezels on your monitor and damage the electronics. Apply Just one spray at a time and add ore as needed. Use sparingly however as excess can damage your screen over the long term. Once again wipe the screen in slow circular notions and do not attempt to remove particularly greasy spots with pressure or by scraping. Instead allow the screen cleaning solution to get to work as it will begin break down the the grime that has built up on your screen. Don’t be afraid to repeat this process multiple times for particularly tough spots

Step 4

To Wipe off  all excess moisture with the dry side of your microfiber cloth and let the monitor dry by air for a bit before turning back on. This will lower the risk of moisture damaging your device. Do not attempt to speed up this process with blow dryers or other heating mechanisms.

Common Mistake To Watch Out For

Do not use use paper based tissues/cloths as these are coarse and can easily cause damage to modern displays which are extremely delicate. Instead use a lint free microfiber cloth such as the ones we offer here.
Make sure to use a clean cloth when cleaning your device. A dirty cloth/ Rag  can damage your screen with anything abrasive material that it has picked up elsewhere. Just one small spec of abrasive material can leave a scratch across your screen.
Be extremely careful not to use chemical based cleaner that contain items such as alcohol and ammonia. As these chemicals can strip the protective coating on laptops, cellphones, monitors, tablets etc… Instead use a natural screen cleaner such as Mistify which uses none of these substances