Workplace Hygiene: 5 Germ Filled Hot Spots In You Office And How To Protect Yourself

Ever notice that when one person in your office catches a cold its not long before everyone seems to have it. Germs Spread quickly in an office environment and cleanliness in your office is clearly important in combating this. It helps bring about a semblance of order, keeps work stations and communal rooms free of dust and clutter and gives a positive impression to both workers and visitors. Below we have our 5 step guide to help you protect both your own health as well as your colleagues
Fight Back Here are 5 Hotspots In Your Office


Your desk is where people tend to spend most of their time at the office. For some it is almost a home away from home. One Study found that up to 20% of people eat as many as 2 meals a day at their desk. (Breakfast and Lunch) It is therefore no surprise that desks tend to be one of the filthiest places in an office. Another Study found that the standard office desk could contain up to 7 times more bacteria than your standard toilet. This number even double when you take into account hot desks.


-When eating at your desk wash your hands before eating and watch your crumbs!
-Reduce your clutter. Dirt and bacteria tends to build up around clutter as it makes wiping down surfaces more difficult.
-Try our mistify 500ml bottle pass it around the office once a day especially during flue season and we sure you will begin to see things improve

Keyboard and Mouse

The cracks and crevices on your mouse and keyboard can be breeding grounds for bacteria. This coupled with the fact that they are the items on your desk which your hands interact with the most. This  means that whatever you touch during the day also ends up in these cracks and crevices.


-Wiping down your keyboard and mice on a daily basis goes a long way towards removing any bacterial influences
- If you have to sneeze at your desk turn away and sneeze into your elbow this will stop you from transmitting your germs onto your keyboard and possibly others.


Office mugs can be major breeding grounds for bacteria with one study finding that about 20% of coffee cups harbour bacteria from feces. Due to the nature of an offices they don’t always have proper dish cleaning facilities. However Below we have listed some things to be mindful of


-Don’t just rinse a coffee mug as this may not be enough to remove a colleagues germs. Also be mindful that the outside of the coffee cup may contain contaminates from their hands.
-Use your own mug at least you won’t be picking up someone else’s bacteria.
-Make sure you wash your water bottle at least once a day as water can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Door Handles 

Anything in an office that is touched by numerous individuals over the course of a day or days tends to build up a lot of bacteria. Door handle which tend to be touched by nearly everyone are among the worst culprits. This coupled with the fact that 1in office workers admit to the fact that they do not wash their hands after using the toilet.


-Be mindful of objects that have multiple people touching them though out the day as can be the perfect place for bacteria to spread from one person to another.
-Have some antibacterial at the ready to use before getting back to work.
Mistify while it might not be the solution for all of the problems listed above it will certainly go along way to improving office cleanliness. Why not start small with our 40 ml Mistify bottle.